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  1. Hola Amigos!

    I am so excited to go on this mission trip to Guatemala! I have really been looking forward to tomorrow for a long, long time. Ever since I was a little girl, I made up my mind that I wanted to go serve on a mission trip. This was because both my parents had gone on previous mission trips to Nicaragua and had great experiences there. And now I get to go on one! I am very thankful for everyone who has supported me. Whether you have given money towards the trip, or you are praying for me, it really means a lot. All the financial support I got is overwhelming! And I am so thankful for every penny that was given. Please continue to keep the team in your prayers as we serve in Guatemala. Pray that the people we serve there will be willing to accept Jesus in their hearts. Pray that we will be able to serve to the best of our abilities. Pray that we might have safety in Guatemala and that we will be kept from harm. Pray for our families back home. And please pray for continued healing for my mom’s back. Thanks once again!

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  2. Hi Mija, thankful for your desire to serve God in Guatemala during this upcoming week! Praying for you, Dad, the team and the people you will be ministering to! Love, Mom


  3. Hola Lydia,

    Hope you and the rest of your team had a safe trip to Guatemala! Thinking of you and your dad and praying for the people you will be ministering to!

    Aunt Tara


  4. Lydia, I’m so glad you can go on this life-changing trip! So good to hear of all the blessings you, the team, and Guatemalans have received already!! Praying you have a great day when you dedicate the houses and the gospel is presented. ¡Dios te bendiga!
    Mrs. Billin


  5. Lydia, What an exciting time. It is good to see and hear that your prayers of going on a mission trip have been answered in such a meaningful way. What a blessing!
    Your mom was over last night and much on the mend. Thankful.
    Mr. DeKruyter


  6. Hola Amigos!
    First things first… HI MOM! *waves in an awkward way* I miss you so much here in Guatemala and I hope you are feeling better. Tell my little buddies I say hi, and that I hope they are enjoying themselves. That I hope they have had fun trashing my room… just kidding. 🙂 I love you guys and can’t wait to see you guys again.

    Yesterday was the day we dedicated our houses. Not only to the people who live there, but also to God. It was a time where I felt the Holy Spirit in a way that I never had before. His presence was so strong and you could feel Him moving among us. Through the breeze that we had moving and the goosebumps that I had on my arms the whole entire time. I cried so many tears of happiness yesterday. So many people came to know the Lord and accept him as their Savior. The man who is living in the house our small group built, made us all so very joyful. When asked if He wanted to accept Jesus as his Savior, he said that he already had Jesus in his heart. Juan (he’s the guy) is like another grandpa for me, and it made me so happy to see that.

    I sang a lot yesterday. God just kept giving me songs to sing and before I knew it, I was singing those songs. I didn’t know that I knew the lyrics so well. At the last house I had three girls sit by my side. They didn’t understand how to read English, but they copied what Katie and I were singing. It was truly beautiful to see them praise God with us. They even joined us to pray over that house.

    At the end of every house dedication I sang “Jesus Loves Me” in Spanish. It was my own little personal prayer for the people living in that house. That they would know that the bible tells them that Jesus loves them very much. At the last house, all the little kids joined in singing. And I just completely broke down. I had this huge goofy smile and tears streaming down my face. I have been so touched by those people and I hope that God blesses them immensely.

    Thank you so much for your continued prayers, they truly mean a lot to the team here in Guatemala. We just feel completely surrounded by them. Keep up the prayers as today we go to the coast. That we may reach the people there and they can accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

    Hasta luego,
    — Lydia Cervantes

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  7. Lydia,

    I love hearing your stories! Keep up the great work. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your tremendous spirit on your trip. I look forward to hearing more stories when you get home! I praying for you big time.

    Mr. R.


  8. Hola Mijita! Thank you for sharing your story from yesterday! So thankful to God for everything you are experiencing in Guatemala and excited to hear more about everything when you come home! Hope your stomach is still feeling okay and that the team is staying healthy. The boys and I have been praying for you every night. We went to visit Magnum yesterday – he is growing like crazy:) Looking forward to seeing you again on Tuesday! Love, Mom


    • Hey Mom!
      My stomach is doing just fine, we gave it some Pepto Bismol and it just killed that little ache I had. Thank you so much for the continued prayers, they truly mean a lot to me. I hope your back is feeling better and I can’t wait to see you on Tuesday. I miss you and I love you! 🙂


  9. Lydia, I’m so glad you got to go on this trip and experience the Holy Spirit moving people and yourself. That’s so great! We’ve been praying for you. Hard to believe you come back in just a short time.


  10. Lydia, thank you for your willingness to serve and love on the precious people of Guatemala. You have been such a blessing for all. I loved seeing you talking with the people in particular there is a pic of you and a young teen girl at the first med clinic. It looked as if you were sitting there with a friend you have always known…just talking. WOW! That is awesome. Too often the older kids get left out on med clinic days but because you took the time AND were able to communicate with her, she knew she was valued. What a great testimony! Praying that you have a fabulous time in Antigua and already ma praying for tonight’s final worship time.
    Big hugs,


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