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  1. As I was anticipating going to Guatemala, I had asked God to clear any distractions and help me concentrate on what is important. Through circumstances and other things, some of those distractions have been eliminated allowing me to focus on what is important and what will really matter for eternity. I thank my wife and will pray hard for her when I am gone. She has been a great support and help during the last couple of months- she has been a rock.- I love her for that. She and my daughters have kept me focused on the tasks ahead including the last couple of days including packing, last minute details and what will make the trip meaningful. I thank my pastor Brian to help me get my heart in the right place by showing me what “building a wall” looks like in my own life, and other friends and brothers who helped give me strength. I think I took everything Scott W. told me to bring including trash bags, clothesline, tupperware, barf bags, and other gear. As we all go on a great adventure, whatever else we as a team need God has already prepared it for us. Praying for it to be so.


    • Thank you for your words of kindness!
      THANK YOU for stepping out of your comfort zone and agreeing to go on this trip with Abby!! I know it was not an easy decision to make, but I’m so glad you “Let go and Let God” take the reigns. It is my hope that this trip will be much more than you every expected it to be and that it will allow you time away from home/work to reflect and meditate!!
      I will continue to pray for You, Abby, and the rest of the group through this trip…May you be blanketed with peace, safety, and good health throughout this adventure!!!
      Love Always and Forever,
      Patty XOXO…

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  2. So relieved to hear you made it safely to Guatemala!:)
    I hope you were able to get a little sleep.
    How are you feeling?
    I canโ€™t wait to hear how your first day went!:)

    Love you,


  3. Hi Dad,
    It is so weird to be here at home without you or mom! You would be proud of me. I am going to go get my oil changed today (and then going to get a pedicure ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) Can’t wait to hear all about your trip! God uses everything for the good of those who love him, including this trip! Don’t worry about us here; we will be fine! By the time you get back I will have had at least one day of grad school finished!

    Love you!


  4. Hey Dad!

    I am so glad you made it safely to Guatemala! I can’t wait to hear all about your experience and how God touches your life this week!

    Love you! ๐Ÿ˜˜


  5. Thanks for all of your comments and well wishes and we are having a great adventure. I wanted to tell you all how proud I am of the outstanding young people we have at our church, they all seem to be ready to pitch in and work together as a team. What strikes me about Guatemala is that there is great beauty in the midst of great poverty, but the young couple we are building for seem to have happy kids and the Guatemalan people seem to be greatly appreciative of all of our efforts. If there is a take-away from this trip is that you don’t need much to be happy. I hope I can take this lesson away from this trip and live more simply. It is a great accomplishment to take care of your family’s needs I know that- and you can see that in the faces of the fathers and mothers of Guatemala.


  6. Well? Have you seen God at work? I thank God for your willingness to participate in this spiritual adventure. I hope that after this stucco day you will still be able to sing the doxology. Dios te bendiga mi amigo.


  7. Scott, Beautiful expression of love and fondness of a father for his children by helping us build his house. Much the same as our Heavenly Father loves us, protects us, cares for us and give us what we need. I have come to appreciate what I have and the fun it is to work and play with those have so little, but the joy and companionship of family.

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  8. Tim, it is so much fun seeing you in the pictures with a great big smile on your face! You are where you are supposed to be and God is blessing you. I am praying that tomorrow the dedications go well. Praying for changed lives.
    in His grip, Kristy


  9. Hi Honey!

    By the look of the pictures Kevin has been sending to Kristy the past 2 days, it looks like you are doing well and enjoying the change of scenery!!
    All is well back here at home, other than it is a bit strange not having anyone but Toby to talk to. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Please give Abby a hug from me!
    (And also can you make sure you get a picture together for me~ Thank you!)

    Love Always~Me


  10. Love to hear from you my dear and my love goes back to you as well. I know that you are a bit on your own and I have been praying that things are going well. Hopefully, Meagan has helped you on Tuesday and Wednesday. Time has gone by here so fast that I almost don’t realize that you have made it through another week, and are celebrating the weekend. It has been an powerful and emotionally draining day, and I am treasuring some of the things that went on today in my heart since they are so hard to explain. I will tell you today that I have been working with and bonding with the Father of our Home- Luis. He and I have become brothers in the work even through we are definitely not been brothers in the language. I have seen his love of his family even though they have so little. That changed today, he became my brother in Christ. It was amazing! I have really felt like today that I was where I was supposed to be. The house was the thing that brought him and his family to us, but we ( our team ) really felt the connection today as he and his wife accepted Christ. He saw the love of his heavenly Father through my fatherhood which really was powerful. I know some people say that certain days are a slice of heaven, this definitely was one of those days for me

    P.S. There are some pictures of Abby and I on Lori Schuitema’s camera and some others, but they may have not made it to the Blog since they are mostly Kevin’s pictures.


  11. Hi Tim,

    So glad to hear that your dedication day was a powerful day of people accepting Christ. Today as you go to the coast, I pray for safety and the vehicles you are driving in. I also pray that you will build more relationships with the people who are receiving medications. May God be with you and the people you meet today!

    Sandy Holtrop


  12. Good Morning!

    It is Saturday morning here at home (the internet went out last night while I was looking at your day’s pictures and posts, so I could not respond back last night).

    I am so thankful that the events of this week have helped you to see what God has been planning all along…He wanted you in Guatemala…He wanted you to be fully surrendered to Him without the distractions of home and work! It is my hope that this bond you have formed with Luis will never be forgotten and that you will be able to take home what you have learned and found in Guatemala!!

    I hope you are feeling well (as Kevin mentioned some were not).
    Thanks for letting me know that there are some pictures of you and Abby!
    Toby and I miss you and look forward to your return in 3 days!
    Love Always, ~Me


  13. Tim, I’m so thankful you could go and experience Guatemala and PBM with Abby! By the looks of the pictures, you’re accomplishing a lot, having some fun, and impacting lives for eternity. God bless you with energy as you go to med clinics and serve in that way.


  14. Have fun with the new way of service to God while experiencing the warmth of the costal area. Dios te bendiga mi amigo


  15. Happy Father’s Day Tim,
    Praising God with you on all that you have witnessed and been a part of! Praying that this time has been a blessing to you and Abby. So grateful that you can experience it together. Praying for safe travels once again today and for many changed lives.
    In His Grip,


  16. Tim! I was so glad to chat with you at the airport. I know you are changing people’s lives and that God is being glorified! Hope your day today goes well!


  17. I will be praying that you may see how to use this experience in Guatemala with PBM back in Hudsonville. All will work together for your good in His plan.


  18. Hey Tim, I’m so glad you could go on this trip with Abby and that you took the leap of faith. What a blessing you have been to the team and those living there, and I am sure you were blessed as well. We have been praying for you!


  19. Hi Honey!

    I am writing this to you as you are probably finishing up your last medical clinic and heading back to base for one more night and day before heading home.

    I loved seeing the pictures of you playing soccer at yesterday’s medical clinic!
    It was awesome to read Kevin’s post about how all the different activities during yesterday’s visit broke the ice not only with the children and moms, but also the men…Thus bringing MANY to accept Christ by the end of the day!

    I hope you received a big hug today from Abby since she was the only one spending Father’s Day with you. Toby and I spent a large portion of our day in the car driving to and from Chicago. Katelyn and Meagan are all settled in at Uncle Bud and Aunt Audrey’s place.

    Enjoy your last day in Guatemala, as you probably will be doing your souvenir shopping.
    See you on Tuesday morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love you and miss you very much!!


  20. I know that you have had a busy weekend moving the girls and picking up Katelyn from the airport. Hopefully, Toby kept you company today. It was a good night last evening with a village of men, women and children accepting Christ. It was neat to see how our team responded to all sorts of challenges and opportunities to witness in the midst of many distractions. I have really had a hard time releasing control of the process to God and this morning, on Fathers Day- I realized that He has control over the entire plan of how the evening will go . It really helped me enjoy this evening more than last evening’s medical clinic. It was truly a breakthrough that will help me in many aspects of my walk with Christ. I also saw God work this morning with one member of our team who really needed a loving and proud Father- it was great to be able to be in this place at this time to be there for her. It was like giving you guys all a hug on Fathers Day even though you weren’t with me. Of course, Abby also did give me a hug from all of you and has given me many opportunities to make me proud including giving her testimony in front of a people this evening. It was truly a great Father’s Day present.. The rain has truly held off until we needed it and even in the midst of the storm tonight, we were able to travel safely home.
    Since I haven’t heard, I assume that the basement ceiling was plastered and painted and ready to go. I still hope you are well and moving forward without me and I will be home soon. Thank you so much for your support on this trip, it has truly been a blessing. Your loving husband. X0X0.


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