Last Medical Clinic

After 2 hours of driving through the mountains of Guatemala, we arrived in a small village of the name Rio Blanco. Right when we got there we were greeted by a small group of children who were a little timid at first, but after we gave them candy and toys the ice was broken and bonds were beginning to form. After the doors to the courtyard where we were having the clinic were opened, our team began unloading the vans and setting up for the medical clinic and the Jesus film. Many of the members of the group played ball with the kids, colored, painted faces, and made balloon animals. It was amazing to see how many of the villagers wanted the balloon animals, the line went halfway through the courtyard. All through the night the balloon animals were everywhere. Some of the people from our team started a soccer game with some of the men and young boys from the village. Through this game it was priceless to see the walls of ethnicity break down and the two groups uniting as one family of God.

While relationships were being formed in the courtyard, the medical clinic was going on. Before the patients came through to be assessed and given medicine, our team took time to pray for wisdom to disperse the correct amount of medication and that the Lord would provide them with the knowledge to use the medications correctly. The joy in the villagers faces as they went through the line and received the medication was a true God-sighting knowing that their needs were being provided for.

Once the sun went down, we began to gather the people to show the Jesus film. While this was happening, many of the people were fixed on the story of Jesus Christ. A few individuals on our team had conversations with the villagers during the film. Nichole specifically had a conversation with a 14-year-old young man, who was sitting by himself, about the film and ended up sharing her testimony with him as well as hearing his story. Being able to break down borders and see that each of the villagers has a story and have gone through difficult things as well has been such a humbling experience. Each one of us has a story and it’s beautiful to see how breaking down walls and sharing stories brings such healing and redemption.

After the film, our team once again went to the front and had time to sing and share the love of Christ with the villagers. It was amazing to see how attentive some of them were and how much they enjoyed hearing us sing. A few of the individuals from our team had an  opportunity to share testimonies. The authenticity and boldness of each individual was so amazing to see and the Lord continued to provide the words to speak into the lives of the villagers. God has continued to work in our team as we have laid hands on one another and built each other up as the body of Christ should (which is something we desire to continue as we return home).

When Pablo gave the villagers the opportunity to come to the front and accept Christ into their hearts, at first nobody stepped forward. Our team continued to battle for the hearts of the individuals, praying fervently over each one and desiring to see lives changed. Finally after a few moments one bold individual stepped forward. This individual was an 86-year-old woman who walked arm-in-arm with Courtney from our team. It was incredible to see the faith of this woman as she longed to accept the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Many more villagers began coming forward with individuals from our team once they saw this woman step forward to proclaim her faith in God.

What an awesome God we serve who continues to answer prayers and soften the hearts of not only the Guatemalans, but also the hearts of everyone on our team. It has been a true blessing for all of us to experience such a God-filled experience, seeing lives changed for the kingdom.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support as we have ministered this week. Continue to pray for us as we return home tomorrow and share our stories with each one of you!



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