Saturday Morning – We are heading to the Coast!!!

Saturday Morning –June 18 – 5:00AM – “We are heading to the Coast!”
The moment that a person accepts Christ’s there is a onetime transformation from death to life. It is a single moment that occurs only once as a life is rescued from the fallen and broken world that is ruled by sin and selfishness. It is a moment that the ownership of one’s life, the deed to one’s heart if you will, is signed over to the one that all creation was looking for before He came into the world. When Jesus came into the World and laid down His Life as a ransom for sinners, the band aid of the Old Testament was stripped away. No longer did God remain behind a curtain. The moment that Christ Gave his life freely on the cross, the Veil was torn from top to bottom. It was as if God was putting his hands into the middle of the barrier that was between us and tore it open. This is one of the most profound things that happened in that Moment that Eternity was changed forever. In that moment, God became relational with us once again. God created us so he could have a relationship with us. Sin destroyed that. But through Christ, we now live in the end times, where God through his Holy Spirit walks and talks intimately with us. God is no longer hidden from us.
In Romans 8:39 Paul shares with us that once the deed to our life is transferred to Christ, there is nothing in all creation that can separate us from the Love that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. That is where we can find the comfort in what the Apostles creed says in the first question and answer, “What is your only comfort in life and in death? That I am not my own, but belong body and soul, in life and in death to my faithful savior Jesus Christ.”
Yesterday we were able to witness life after life, transfer the title of their heart to Jesus. One by one “tipping point of eternity” was crossed. One by one we saw people with hearts laid bare before the Creator of the Universe, give their hearts to Him. To say this is an emotional moment is an understatement. If you have ever experienced this before, then you know there is nothing like this. To have your hand on another person’s shoulders feeling them through their tears and sweat, through deep breaths uttering the words of welcome to the Holy Spirit to come in. To hear a person who was lost and alone become found and embraced by their new Lord.
These are the moments that we have prayed for to take place this week. These are the moments that give us the resolve to go the ends of the earth to make disciples. These moments are the greatest moments that can be experienced by a follower of Christ and these were moments that we saw unfold many times right before our very eyes inside the 4walls of these 10×12 homes that we have lovingly build and prayed over this week.
Last night as a team we spent time as a group reflecting on what God has done already through the Holy Spirit and our willingness to step out of the boat and answer Jesus’ call to step into the wind and waves with our eyes fixed on Him and “Come.” We also ended our time being reminded of the great price that it took for each of us to have this new life in Christ by following Jesus’ call to break bread and drink from the cup. As each person came forward in the circle created by the team to take eat and drink and remember and believe that Christ Body was broken and mutilated, and His blood was shed on the ground and His life laid freely on the cross to take our place so we could have a relationship with our maker, the realization that nothing else in this world matters was once again reminded to us all.
Today, we will be going to do battle once again. Today we will do our best to answer the call of Jesus to “come”. Today we will travel many miles and reach to “The ends of the earth” to proclaim what Christ has done in our lives and through acts of Love and Kindness and gifts of much needed medicines. Today we will share the message that has the power to turn what is dead to life.
We claim victory today over Satan, over the wind and the waves, over the darkness that has covered this world. Today we claim victory in Christ’s Name. Today, I know that we will see many more make the choice to invite Christ into their very hearts. Today, I know that this team will once again be brought to their knees in awe of our savior.
Please pray for us as we have a 3-4 hour drive to the coast and reach into a village so remote, that few outsiders, let alone white gringos, have ever felt the need to travel. Over miles and miles of roads and two tracks we will travel. Over countless rocks and ruts in the road we will find our way by the Power of the Spirit to these precious lambs that are lost. But we know that we are not traveling alone. We have you and we have your prayers going before us and behind us. So we go with confidence that nothing can stop us from whatever it is that God’ has planned for us today. After all, with all the prayer being lifted up for us, even if things seem to be going wrong, it is because it is going right. We just have to wait sometimes to see the Master’s plan.
We are already way over the half way point. Time is flying by and we will soon be back on a plane to Michigan. Soon we will be taking the biggest step of our journey. The one that very few often think of when they go on a mission trip. The step of taking what we have learned and experienced and taking it back to the lost and dying world that is in our own back yard.
Please pray for travel today, pray for the weather as it is raining even now at the base, pray for health as several of the team are experience a variety of head, stomach and chest ailments. Pray for endurance as this is going to be a very long day. Pray for the drivers of the vans carrying the precious cargo of your loved ones. Pray for hearts to be softened. Pray for relationships to be quickly formed through the acts of love that will take place. Pray for each of us to keep our eye fixed on Jesus and the battle that lies ahead. Pray for the Holy Spirit to transform many lost people with the ransom of Christ’s blood.
We could not do this without you. Thank you for being our rock and fortress of prayer this week. We are grateful for your sacrifice for us.
In His Grip,
Kevin Van Wyhe

2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning – We are heading to the Coast!!!

  1. Kevin, I’m sitting at an event with tears streaming down my face, praising God along with you and the team. Such a powerful testimony of God’s great power and grace. Thank you for getting up early to write these amazing stories, that makes us feel like we are there. Praying for safe travels and health for you and the team. I love you and am so grateful for you.
    In His grip, Kris


  2. Praying for all of you as you witness. God give you strength and open the hearts of those you are ministering to. Thank you all for serving.


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