Pray for the team tonight

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Tonight the team had to travel 3 1/2 hours on horrible roads to get to a village that has been forgotten by all…except for God. He prompted Dan and the Paradise Bound Ministry team to seek them out.  Our team is the one blessed with the opportunity to truly be God’s Hands and Feet for these precious people.

Usually it is at this point in the week when people start  feeling run-down maybe a cold coming on, and yet they are called to be strong tonight.  Our job here at home is to be on our knees in prayer for them. Praying a hedge of protection to surround the team. Praying for boldness as they play with the kids, hand out meds to those in dire need and to answer the call to even give their testimony. Pray for Dan and Hermano Jesus as they lead the worship and give the message of hope, love and grace.

The team won’t return to the base until very late…we may or may not hear when they get back. Usually we don’t hear anything until Sunday morning. Please check back then and throughout the night keep the team in prayer.

Thank you for being so faithful in your prayers for this amazing group. Many lives are being changed…including those on our team.

In His grip,

Kristy Van Wyhe

ps. Several people have asked where the pictures are on this site. The easiest place to find them is directly above this post, under the picture of the team. Just click on each day, then click on the first picture and it will open up into a slide show. The pictures will then be larger and easier to see.  Thanks again for posting on the team’s individual pages. Your words of encouragement mean the world to them!

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