It’s Dedication Day!!!!

Friday Morning 4:30 AM    “Dedication Day”
“Jesucristo, Entra my vida, Entra mi Corazon, Cambia Mi” “Jesus Christ, enter my life, enter my heart, change me.” These words will be proclaimed over and over the next several days. These words are some of the most powerful word that can be uttered in this world. These words are words that bring about change. Not just a change in appearance or something on the surface. These words reach beyond time and space. The change that these words carry is forever and eternally significant.

Today as we head back for a final time to the families and the village where we have been building homes and creating relationships, we will carry with us the ultimate goal that we came to Guatemala for. The ultimate reason that we have raised so much money and are willing to make whatever sacrifice that is necessary for us. The Goal that should drive all of Christ’s followers to be willing to reach out to another person who ever they are or where ever they may be. The Goal to open another person’s heart to Christ so their future can be changed forever through the blood of Christ.

Today, we are truly entering into spiritual warfare. Today the enemy will try to stop us. Today we will arrive at the village armed with a resolve to tip the scales of eternity and see lost people become found.

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation, the old is gone, the new has come.” Having a relationship with Christ and surrendering one’s life to Him changes everything. Change is often something that we in the States, struggle with. Having a desire to change means that a person must first admit that they have a need to change and then desire to make that Change. Christ came to this world to change and fix what was broken in the Garden with Adam and Eve. Christ came to call us to a life of change and a life of bringing change to the world around us. To be agents of transformation in a lost and dying world.

I can feel that moment right now. The moment that another person is confronted with the choice to follow Jesus or to deny Him. The point that everything in their life hinges on. “The Tipping Point of Eternity”. Today we are praying that we will be able to witness this “Tipping Point” take place in home after home and in heart after heart as we dedicate each home that we completed yesterday to God and share the amazing transformational news of a Man who left his place in heaven to come down and die on a cross so they can have life. Life that is eternal.

This is why we are here. This is what our time here is really all about. Today more than ever we need you to be praying for us. Today we will be taking time in each home with the team surrounding it in prayer to open up God’s word and invite each person to build a new home with Christ in their heart.

This team has been amazing. They are passionate and on fire. They are willing to do whatever they are asked. Today pray for strength as the enemy will surely try to stop us from completing our goal. Pray for us as we pray and give ourselves to the Holy Spirit. Pray that as we stand in God’s presence and witness the “Tipping Point of Eternity” first hand that we will not remain unaffected. Pray that the days and hours that still lie ahead of us will change our hearts and strengthen our passion to serve our Maker with all that we are.

I look forward to having you hear the stories of “Change” that are sure to take place today and over the next couple days as we begin our village ministries.
Now as I sit on the deck at the base watching the sun rise, I feel it once again. The birds are beginning to wake. The clouds left over from the nightly rain hang low in the valley. The calm is almost deafening. There it is, “the calm before the Storm”. I thank God for these moments. Moments that I can just feel peace knowing that whatever happens, God is in control and is watching over us. If you want to read one of my favorite Psalms that I love to read to find that Calm, turn to Psalm 121.
Thank you for your prayers once again. Now I and the team go to face the battle or the storm that awaits us.
In His Grip,
Kevin Van Wyhe

7 thoughts on “It’s Dedication Day!!!!

  1. Kevin and team, you will be surrounded with prayer from around the country as you bring the message of love and hope of Jesus Christ to your families. Praying for strength and a hedge of protection surrounding you.
    In His grip,


  2. PRAYING!!!
    Thank you Kevin for giving us a glimpse of this new day for you, the team members, and the families you are helping!!!
    “He will not let your foot slip”…As you go into these 5 homes to share a life changing message to each family member…To God Be The Glory Now & Forever More!
    ~Patty Brummel

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  3. What an amazing day you have ahead you. Hillcrestcrc will hold you in prayer! Blessings to all of you as you. May these families feel your love and face the future with renewed hope.


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