Wednesday Morning -First Building Day

Wednesday Morning -June 15 5:30 AM -First Building Day
As the team still sleeps, the sun has decided to present itself with glory and splendor through the early morning mountain mist and deliver a spectacular sun rise once again here at the base. It is good to be back. Good to be back in the place full of so many memories of lives touched and changed. It is good to be back knowing that there will once again be a team full of people who will encounter God in amazing ways this week. It is good to know God will once again do a mighty work in the lives of this team and in the hearts of many here in Guatemala.
As we start this day, I wanted to give you a bit of a glimpse of what we will be trying to accomplish. In about an hour the team will be waking up to quickly prepare to leave for our first building day. Bags will need to be prepared, breakfast will need to be eaten, personal packs and water bottles will need to be filled with food and drink to get us through the day and some alone time in devotions with our maker inview of the beautiful mountains will be experienced. After a Guatemala style prayer we will load the vans and head out on the rocky and rough roads to a village where 5 families await the team, anxious to see the concrete pad and building materials that have been lying outside their corn stalk homes to fulfill the purpose for which they were intended. Though he five homes may seem small at only 10×12 feet, they will be the biggest earthly gift that these families have ever received.
In just a matter of hours after arriving at the village and meeting these precious families, the homes will be up right and certainly recognizable. As the steel studs are covered with dry wall and exterior board the shape of a home will permanently become part of these families lives.
Our goal today is to have the homes completely framed and ready for painting and stuccoing tomorrow morning. Our goal today is that we will also lay a framework of love and care with the people we are building for that will translate into relationships and friendships that will be open to receive and trust the message of Love form our maker that we will ultimately share with them on Friday.
After a full day of building, we will return to the base where the team will have time to unpack and settle in. After dinner and showers the team will have a chance to post some stories and share with you some of their personal thoughts and God sightings that have yet to happen. Then one of the things I look forward to most, the singing and team devotions. This base was built for singing and worshiping our God. I wish you could all be here to experience the passion and power behind the music and the message of God’s word as we lay ourselves before the master’s feet.
I am humbled yet again that I have the privileged to be a part of this amazing adventure. We are blessed to have you and so many others here with us through your prayers. Today –please pray for the weather to stay clear and for the spirit to move. Pray for the many miles we will be traveling. Pray for safety at the work sight. Pray for a spirit of Love and community with in our team. Pray for receptive and welcoming hearts from our families that we are building for.
I can’t wait for you to see pictures tonight. Till then have a blessed day!

Feel free to join us for our personal devotions this week as we spend time with “My Heart Christ’s home”   The devotions are posted for you to see or download on the web site.
In His Grip,
Kevin Van Wyhe

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning -First Building Day

  1. Blessings and prayers once again for you and this wonderful team. Prayers also for the families that you’re working with and for. We look forward to further news. Prayers also for safety. Love from your Hillcrest family.

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  2. Be assured of the prayers from Team Hope CRC, Hull, IA. We had the privilege of serving with PBM last week. May God use you powerfully this week. (Ephesians 2:10) Pastor Todd Zuidema and the Hope CRC PBM Serve Team.

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