Tuesday Night On the Plane to Guatemala

Tuesday night on the final Plane to Guatemala, June 14 -10:30 PM
The final leg of our trip to Guatemala is just about half over and we are nearing our final destination of Chimaltenango, Guatemala where the mission base is located. During our planned 5 hour layover [which turned into a 8 hour layover] we had a team devotion time and our introduction to the theme for the week: “My Heart Christ’s Home”. We are each invited by the Creator of the Universe to invite Him, by way of His Son Jesus to make a home in our hearts. In doing this we are inviting Him to enter into the very depths of our being and be our guest. He does not force His way in our make us open the doors but rather waits for our invitation to share our lives.

This will be the theme this week as we look at not only having Christ enter as a guest but ultimately inviting Him to be the operator and owner of every room of our lives. Sure our trip to Guatemala is primarily a trip meant to bring others into the Kingdom, but the journey of leading others to invite Christ into their lives begins with us opening our hearts fully to Him and giving Him the deed to our hearts and the controls to our lives.
As we began our devotion time in a quiet area of the gate near where our plane was going to be leaving from, I was able to share with the team about the earlier post that I put on the Blog. The story of Peter answering the call by Jesus to “Come”. To step out of the Boat and do the impossible, to walk on water. But just as Peter began to sink when he took his eyes off Jesus as he was distracted by the wind and the waves and the noise around, we too will face distractions and be tempted to take our eyes off of Jesus as we begin the difficult task that awaits us over the next week. Satan will throw everything he can at us to take our focus off of Jesus and the purpose He has for us in this coming Week.

After sharing this thought with the team, we opened to the first pages of this small booklet, “My Heart Christ’s Home”. At the very moment that we began to read, we found ourselves bombarded with an unbelievable amount of distractions. A storm with great wind and rain and lighting began to pound the terminal. Inside, the sound system began to hiss out strange noises and then on top of all that the emergency lights began to flash and the emergency buzzer began to sound as a recording was played over and over: “We have an emergency inside the building, please wait for further instructions”. This recording was repeated over and over as people all around were moving in all directions. We kept reading even as the sound of the storm grew louder and louder. This is not something I am making up. This is exactly what we happened. There was no doubt of the timing or of the learning moment that we were all experiencing.
As we answer Jesus’ call to “Come” and go where he leads, Satan will surely throw every distraction possible our way. Isn’t this true all the time in each of our lives. The distractions of needing things, of urgent meetings, of seemingly important tasks, of places we feel we need to go, of electronic devices that need our attention or of so many items that come up and take our focus off of the kingdom purpose that we have been called to. This week, as we move from the “Calm before the storm” into the Battle we will surely be under fire from the enemy to give into the wind and the waves and take our eyes off the prize.

After a very short night of sleep tonight, due to our 3 hour delay in Atlanta, we will be getting up early tomorrow and loading into the vans that will take us to the mountain village where 5 families await this awesome team to “Come” and build them a new earthly home and share with them the invitation to an eternal home that also awaits them. By days end tomorrow, we hope to have the walls up, the exterior and interior fully assembled, the first coat of drywall mud applied and the roof laid out. It will be a full day of building. During the building of the homes comes our real task of building relationships with the families and showing them the Love of Christ which is ultimately what brings us here this week.

Please pray for us as we will certainly be tired and have a long day ahead of us. Pray that the Weather does not keep us from being able to the work that we are here to do. Pray for health for each of the team. Pray for open hearts to what God has to say.
Again we want to thank you for taking this journey with us and remember that we could not do this without your prayers.

Wednesday night we hope to begin posting pictures and stories of what God is doing.
In His Grip,
Kevin Van Wyhe

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