First day as a team!

Our team is the first to post about our experience team building today. Our team members are Tim Brummel, Rachel Bredeweg, Ben Steenwyk, Connor Schwartz, Jessica Quist, and Lori Schuitema. Last night we arrived in Guatemala to rain, but awoke to a beautiful sunrise. After breakfast and individual quiet time, the entire group was ready to start the day. We received some instructions from Dan and joined in prayer excited for what God had in store for us. We loaded the vans and had an adventurous ride to our worksites, only about a mile away, but a bouncy 50 minute ride.

The heat was quite intense throughout the entire day, but so was the excitement in our hearts to meet our family and begin the work on their home. We are building a home for a young couple and their 1 yr old son. They were so excited, and Luis, the husband, even joined us throughout the day as we worked on the house. Over the course of 6-7 hours we transformed a concrete slab into a home for this family. Even though this morning our group felt quite inexperienced in building knowledge and the ability to speak fluent Spanish, we accomplished so much and by the end of the day were even talking with our family in some light Spanish. Each one of us felt challenged today in some way, but it was amazing how our group worked side by side and completed each task.

We have been surrounded by such beautiful people today. The young couple who provided a snack of fresh oranges, bananas, crackers, and pop. They were so happy to be able to give us refreshment and extend their love and appreciation. We also were able to enjoy a delicious lunch provided by families in the community. They made us feel so special! They set a beautiful table and placed fresh pine needles on the ground under our feet like carpet. Such love, given so freely, o if you could see the beautiful smiles 🙂

Even though we are being challenged by the heat and activity, it has been such a special day. We have been able to see the beauty of God’s creation all around us not only in the landscape, but especially in the Guatemalan people. Thank you Lord for choosing us to be Your hands and feet, may You continue to bless our time here, our bonding as a team, and help us to see how evident You are in everything. May all praise and glory be to You alone this week!

5 thoughts on “First day as a team!

  1. Sounds like your day went exactly right! Praying for strength for tomorrow and STUCCO day! Thank you for sharing your heart with everyone and taking all of us along on this grand adventure!

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  2. Very relieved to hear the rain cleared out, making your first day very productive and rewarding!! Thanks for sharing some of the details about your day with all of us back at home in humid Michigan! ~ Patty Brummel

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  3. So glad to hear you were able to get so much accomplished! Keeping you all in prayer and thank you for your hard work and willingness to go and do this!

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