The team is on their way

This morning was such a blessing to send our team off with lots of hugs, prayers and a few tears (from those of us staying). Today is going to be a very long day for our team. They arrived at the Grand Rapids Airport at 8:30 am and most everything went smoothly or as smoothly as it can with 30 people and 59 large bags! Their long layover in Atlanta went even longer but they finally got on at 8:15 pm (instead of the 5:59 pm they were supposed to be).  They are scheduled to arrive in Guatemala City at 9:50 pm (11:50 pm in Michigan).  Please pray them thru customs and that all the much needed  medicines and supplies that the missionaries need arrive safely.  Pray for safety in their long drive to the base. They won’t arrive there until approximately 1:30 am EST. If you happen to wake up during the night please pray for the team. It always amazes me how often God wakes me at just the time when the team needs prayer. So if that happens to you during this week listen to His gentle prodding and pray.  Kevin will let me know when they arrive safely at the base and I will post.  There will not be much updated until tomorrow night and then only if the internet is working at the base.

Tomorrow morning the team will be getting up very early and heading to the village to start building 5 homes.  They will arrive and see 5 slabs of concrete with a pile of material just waiting for them to turn into homes. Each home begins and ends with prayer. Each team will come together on the foundation and dedicate their home and family to the Lord. Then they get to work. It is simply amazing that by lunchtime they will each have all 4 walls up!  Pray for strength, safety and that they begin to build relationships with the families.  Please pray for each of the families who will be getting a home. Pray that God prepares their hearts to receive His ultimate gift…His son Jesus Christ.

House #1 ~ Juan, husband and Tomas, wife

House #2 ~ Gonzal, dad; Marta, Mom and Keli, Daughter (2 1/2 years old)

House #3 ~ Mario, Dad; Maria, Mom; Alex, Son ( 14 years old), Gladis, Daughter (13), Rosy, Daughter (10) and Ferner, son (7)

House #4 ~ Luis, Dad; Maria, Mom; and Luis Gustavo, son ( 1 year old)

House #5 ~ Dominga, widow (62 years old)

Thank you for going on this journey with the team! They can not do anything without your prayer and support.

In His Grip,

Kristy Van Wyhe

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